About International Entrepreneurs Matching (IEM)

About iEM

iEM is Asia’s leading business matching platform, bridging industries such a media, fashion, food and beverage, personal development, beauty and wellness and more!

Founded in Singapore, iEM has been regarded as one of the most complete all-in-one solutions for entrepreneurs seeking solutions for their business needs. From corporate solutions to business consultancy services, investment advisory to turnkey solutions for start-ups, iEM definitely has something catered for you!

i Fast-track

The internet is our go-to place for resources and services today. From LinkedIn to Facebook, we are truly spoiled for choice when looking for a particular service. However, newer entrepreneurs are usually lost as to what or who to look for when starting out a company. As an integrated business solutions platform, we are able to provide an all-in-one resource and support system for an individual looking to get the company started.

i Connect

At iEM we value the the importance of networking; however with the vast array of networking activities, doing so effectively may prove to be a challenge for some entrepreneurs. Here, we feature both a good mix of soft and hard networking events suited for everyone to mingle, get to know one another either to build social capital, chat with like-minded people or to gain invaluable connections for their businees.

i Education

‘The day the tree stops growing is the day it dies’ is a quote that is fundamental to our belief system at iEM. We aim to instill an ‘always learning’ mentality with everyone who is a part of us. Taught by both in-house consultants and reputable affiliated companies, iEM serves as a learning hub for entrepreneurs to gain insights in the business world. From knowledge regarding various industries as a business to personal development skills as an entreprenuer, we conduct master courses, classes and even 1-on-1 coaching sessions to ensure an individual is equipped with the sight set of skills and knowledge to overcome the challenges of today.

i System

We believe that each individual who approaches us has a unique set of goals that one wants to achieve. A customised blueprint created based on this, founded on some simple core mechanics that we rely on to ensure success is achieved in record time. These core mechanics have been compiled together through years of experience from our consultants, trainers and leaders who themselves have dived headfirst as entrepreneurs to create successful businesses.

i Cares

A movement advocating love and care to welcome, inspire and motivate the entrepreneurs of today. Through this movement we strive to create a community of entrepreneurs who give back to the world in various ways, shapes and forms.

Why iEM ?

Entrepreneurship has evolved greatly over the decades, with business models greatly improvised, mindsets radically shifted to adapt to today's fast moving landscape of the world. By definition, an entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. The potential profits that individuals today see in emerging markets inspire many to take the step up in starting a business, yet their lack of knowledge in traversing around obstacles and mitigating various forms of financial risks have led in many failing.

In this decade alone, the major economic event to affect Asia, if not the world was the stock market crash of 2015-2016. Shanghai’s stock market fell 30% over a very short span of just over a month and when the dust settled, entrepreneurs faced the daunting task of familiarising, if not adapting and evolving themselves for the future.

International Entrepreneurs Matching (iEM) was founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs who come from a variety of industries. From traditional, classic industries such a fashion and food and beverage to modern core-service ones like photography, media and business consultancy, these great minds came together with the sole purpose of creating a hub for other entrepreneurs to share ideas and resources.

Business Matching

iEM features a vast resource pool built on the foundation of networking. With your business needs, we’re confident you’ll find your most desired resource here!


No matter what stage your business is at — Whether you’re growing your newly founded start-up, or looking to prepare your company for an IPO in a globally recognised exchange, we deliver only the best talents and resources to meet your demands. With our database growing in size every single day, sourcing for resources (or shareholders) is made seamless and fuss-free.



Create Massive Value

We make it our utmost priority to ensure that the business creates not only massive value for the company, but for the world itself.



The business must be ahead of the business curve, with its founders adopting forward-thinking mindsets.



With economic cycles getting shorter over the years, the business ideally should withstand impending economic crisis that may befall it.



The business (and it’s founder/s) must always be thinking past the country’s shores, scaling it to a global level.



The business should be speedy and swift in its processes to ensure profits are realised quickly. In today’s world, speed is definitely key.

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