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Award Nomination Process


Award Nomination

The iEM Board, Members, or members of the public would have submitted award nominations to iEM International. Any other interested parties may also nominate by contacting iEM International via email:

Nomination Screening


All nominations received before the deadline will be screened by iEM based on several qualifying criteria to ensure that nominees are eligible.

Nominees Interview


Shortlisted Nominees shall be contacted to arrange for an exclusive interview along with a site visit for a professional site visit. All interviews shall be held at the Nominee's operations site.

Report Preparations


The iEM Interviwer shall prepare an interview report which include audio visual recordings, supporting documents and photographs to be submitted to iEM International. Nominees shall vet the reports and provide clearance to officially submit to iEM International for further judging.

Judging and Selection


The iEM Board shall review all submitted materials pertaining to shortlisted Nominees and shall perform evaluation according to the judging criteria and select the Awardees.

iEM Awards Ceremony


All Awardees shall be announced and recognized at the Awards Presentation  Ceremony and be presented by the Guest of Honor.

Award Criteria


The nominee and Company must meet the following criteria(s):


* Company must be registered in Singapore and must be in operations for the last 3 years and still in business operations.

* Company must have at least 30% local equity and the nominated entrepreneur must own at least 30% of the shares.

* Government investment programme should not be a principal shareholder of the company.

* Company is in good standing with whoever licenses the business and is not under any court, tax or police filing.

* Entrepreneur must be a Singapore Citizen or a Singapore Permanent Resident and who is above 21 years old.

* Company has to declare other awards (international, national or industry) received previously.


1) Entrepreneur must accept the award and be present at the iEM Awards Ceremony, if selected.

2) Entrepreneur agrees for iEM to feature their stories and to publicize them.

3) iEM will not pay any royalty fees to nominees/ awardees for publicizing their stories.


All nominees will be assessed on the following which includes a citation to support the nomination and how it merits consideration for the Award by our iEM Board of Advisor(s):


* Demonstrates ethical conduct in business

* Has a fair and ethical business practice system within the company.



* Shows good track record on long-term sustainability of the business

* Shows ability to make a significant impact to the business financial performance (profitability, cash flow, ROI, ROE, etc)



* Pioneers new technology or business approach

* Implemented innovation solutions within company to improve productivity, deliver service excellence, expanding market share, etc



* Demonstrate impact on job creation and improving the economic situation

* Implements initiatives that make a positive contribution to the society and community

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