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Award Criteria

All nominees will be assessed on the following which includes a citation to support the nomination and how it merits consideration for the Award by our iEM Board of Advisor(s):

1. Mission & Values | 10% 

  • What are the primary objectives of the company?

  • Who are the target audience?

  • Clarity of mission and commitment to create positive impact

2. Product / Service | 20% 

  • Provide a clear rationale of why the Product or Service was chosen to aid the objectives of the company.

  • Outline how it was developed to conceive an impactful and meaningful idea.

  • What was the core insight and Unique Selling Point which you based your Product or Service on?


3. Impact & Sustainability | 50% 

  • Future Proof – how far ahead is the business ahead of the business curve with the adoption of forward thinking strategies.

  • Crisis Proof – will the business be able to withstand impending economic crisis that may befall it? How?

  • Massive Value – Does the business provide massive value to the world? How?

  • International – what is the scalability of the business?


4. Potential Growth | 20% 

  • What are the future prospects and achievements of the company?

  • Give clear evidence / metrics demonstrating its performance.

  • Provide a case study for why you believe this qualified for a iEM Gold Ocean Award.

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